2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Braum Racing Seats — Perfect Complement to your Camaro

On the market of racing seats, Braum is synonymous with high quality, functionality, and affordability. With a passion for purpose-built race cars, the brand has been developing racing equipment that precisely meets the needs of auto enthusiasts all over the world. For many years, Braum has been an unquestionable leader in the motorsports industry.

braum racing seats

Braum product assortment includes first-rate racing seats, racing harnesses, seat brackets, harness bars, and various accessories intended to provide performance and safety on the track.

New Brand, Innovative Approach

Braum is a place where design meets engineering as each Braum seat features a fascinating styling combined with reliable and durable functionality. Braum racing seats come in a great range of luxurious materials including suede and leatherettere and offer a wide palette of colors. Designed and assembled in the USA, Braum products are made with a scrupulous attention to detail in ISO certified factories. Braum is a young brand, that has just started winning popularity among customers. That's why Braum Racing seats are available in a limited number of automotive stores. As for the Internet, automotive parts store CARiD.com is the only authorized online distributor of Braum racing seats as of this writing. So you can either go to the official Braum website and search for the dealer nearby, or give a try to online shopping with CARiD.

braum red racing seats

Why Braum?

Produced according to the highest quality standards, these products are aimed to meet or even exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers. With Braum seats, your Camaro's interior will gain one-of-a-kind look and you will fill as confident and comfortable behind the wheel as never before. With no doubts, Braum is the brand you can rely on as its customer-oriented approach and strong craving for innovation leave other manufacturers behind and make it one of the best choices among racing lovers.